The arrival of ‘Dance’ music and the destruction of Dance music.

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Do you remember those days, when you would tune into the radio at a specific time late at night to listen to professional Dj’s play their sensational songs? Do you remember those days, when the genre Dance was meaningful and actually consisted of harmonious beats which made your ears, legs, and head go erratic? No? Well that is probably because you no longer understand the true meaning of Dance music, seeing that it has now been turned into a money-driven pop machine, that is tired, tedious and old.

Being a proud 90’s child, I know my fair share of British dance and garage music and I can still reminisce about the days when I would get so excited by just listening to Radio One with Pete Tong, and how refreshing dance music was, because you would barely hear it on the radio during the day. “Oh my!”, one might say, “well isn’t that shocking”, well yes dear it is, seeing that it is an eternal struggle to come across a soulful R’n’B song, or a melodic Jazz song, heck I can’t even remember the last time I heard a good old ‘Hit me baby one more time’, without it being bombarded by a series of computerized sounds which you call Dubstep, which sounds more like Megatron taking a session in the loo.  All horrid jokes aside, the point I’m trying to make is that the desperate Dj’s of today are selling their souls to the rappers and singers, more like the devils, of the music industry. Dance music used to be smart, creative and spontaneous, now it is ever so predictable and without having to know the song, I can instantly tell when a buildup followed by that typical Dubstep beat is going to appear once again in a song, and it is a shame, it really is, because there are some absolutely talented Dj’s out there such as, Basement Jaxx and Steven Aoki, who receive little credit for their eccentric, fist pumping tracks.

Not only has this new era of ‘Dance’ music breaded rappers, (trying to contain laugh), such as Flo-rida, who makes millions from his tacky songs, but it has now scared off brilliant artists such as Usher and The Black Eyed Peas from producing this amazing thing that you probably have never heard of, wait for it.. good music, because they are scared they won’t make as much money by doing so. The Black Eyed Peas are  a perfect example of artists who have ruined and at the same time have been ruined by the genre Dance. The Black Eyed Peas used to have soul and would collaborate with legendary artists such as Q-tip, now, when I think of the Black Eyed Peas, I think of auto-tune, and that is really all I ever seem to think when I hear a ‘Dance’ song on the radio.

Music is beautiful because it has no restrictions, it has different styles and can be appreciated by anyone in the form of different genres. I want my children to know what the genres like World, Dance and Hip Hop are and the true meanings of these genres, so please mainstream artists, step away from the auto-tune button, pick your brains up from your dusty shelves, and play a guitar or something.

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