The Death Penalty, Execute Justice, Not People!

The American Civil Liberties Union once said, “Capital Punishment is immoral in principle, and unfair in practice. No one deserves to die. When the government metes out vengeance disguised as justice, it becomes complicit with killers in devaluing human life and human dignity.” The argument over Capital Punishment has been a long time debate that cannot seem to be resolved. I agree with Capital Punishment in the sense that people who kill with no sense of remorse should be put to death, but in the way that they killed their victims. There are some people in this world, that are just plain evil and do not deserve to walk this earth, in my opinion. My only fear with Capital Punishment is how are we sure whether the person that we are convicting to death and ending their lives are actually guilty of the crime they are accused of? When put on a jury, you along with eleven other people have been given the power of deciding the fate a person and now a days, less people are being convicted of crimes because, the slightest bit of doubt gives the jury pause and causes them to acquit the party because, the jury does not want to have to live with the fact that they sent the person to their death when ultimately, that person may have been innocent of the crime. Throughout history, there have been 6 different methods in the United States of capital punishment. Lethal injection, firing squads, stoning, lethal gas (gas chamber), hanging and electrocution. Advocates of the death penalty tend to argue that these horrific executions are well deserved after the crimes that these people have committed, and the pain and suffering they have inflicted upon their victims, like Ted Bundy who raped and killed more than 35 women and Karla Faye Tucker who stabbed Jerry Lynn Dean in the throat 11 times, stating that she “reached multiple orgasms as he died”.

Capital Punishment has become more than seeking justice, it has become a means of exacting revenge upon those who have hurt others. Nicolai Brown once said, “Our government sends the message that killing a person is in fact an acceptable way to deal with problems.” Then death penalty encourages violence and condones murder when there is another method of dealing with the criminally unstable. However, this may just be my opinion. What do you think ?

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