There is no Honor in Killing.

A 22-year-old Afghan woman by the name of Najiba was brutally murdered in what was (by her husband’s account) a justified killing, brought on her by the “indecency” of an adulterous affair with a Taliban commander. The young woman was mercilessly shot to death in an open field surrounded by no less than 150 men, that in the end cheered for her death.

This type of murder also commonly referred to as an honor killing is not the first of its kind and sadly will not be the last. The most recent happening no less than one week ago when a 30-year-old woman was beheaded and her children murdered by her Ex-Husband. These events come in on the heels of what officials say are the latest in a string of honor killings.

It comes as no surprise when we hear about gender inequality in Afghanistan, but it is still no less shocking and emotional when we hear the stories and learn about the background of these women that have to succumb to such unfortunate fates. These horrid acts leave not only me but many other women seeking to find some resolution to their dilemmas more often than not we always seem to fall short.

I took it upon myself to perform an impromptu survey amongst several friends asking them one question “What can we do to empower women globally?”, My friends, being the realists that they are gave the general consensus that nothing can be done and that culture is culture and cannot and will not ever be changed, a friend of mine even jokingly passed the comment that “maybe they need a super hero?”.

Maybe they do need superheroes and maybe there is nothing that we can do, but that doesn’t change the fact that something needs to be done. How can a country be ran effectively when half of its population is not empowered?

Women in western civilization have completely taken for granted the privileges that have been granted to us over the years and where as there is still so much more progress that needs to be made my heart still goes out  to the many  women on the other side of the world  that have not even gained the privilege to go to school as yet, steps that if taken will still leave them years and years behind their global counterparts in today’s modern society.

The death of Najiba has sparked the attention of many and where as there was no remorse dealt on her by the  Taliban’s that watched her  untimely death,  she is mourned by many men and women  worldwide as well that dream and actively pursue a more equal future for all. Hopefully justice is sought out by the local authorities on her behalf as well as many other women that may be bound to the same fate as she was.

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