Who murdered Caylee Anthony?

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We should all remember the infamous trial of Casey Anthony, the woman that was accused of killing her two year old daughter Caylee Anthony in 2008. Casey Anthony was eventually acquitted of murdering Caylee. It is was in my opinion that Casey Anthony was guilty of murdering poor two-year old daughter Caylee Anthony. When Casey was acquitted, there was a public outrage that is extremely common when it comes to such a high profile case such as this. We all remember the 1995 murder trial of OJ Simpson. Unlike most, I did not blame the jury for Anthony getting off, I thought that it was the fault of the prosecution for not being able to produce enough evidence to convict Ms. Anthony.

With such a high profile case like this that is bound to get a lot of media attention, it stops being an “innocent until proven guilty” trial, and it becomes a guilty because the prosecution and media believes it trial. After three years of riveting the nation with such a “gruesome” crime, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder which, angered a nation whom had been watching and following this case for over three years and hoping and praying that she would be guilty and whether she did kill her daughter, Casey Anthony has been proven innocent and cannot be retried for the murder of her daughter, as it would be Double Jeopardy. In the hearts of a lot of people across the nation and even in mine, justice for two-year old Caylee seemed bleak until lately when Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez came out with an official statement saying that during the trial, Casey Anthony openly suspected her father George Anthony, of murdering two-year old Caylee, saying she had suspected that George had started molesting Caylee shortly before her death.

Baez had even argued in court during the trial that George Anthony had been sexually abusing his two year old granddaughter. In my personal opinion, I still believe that Casey Anthony murdered Caylee. What do you think? Was Caylee murdered by Casey, George or an unknown perpetrator?


  1. Casey Anthony says:


  2. the mother is still playing this game that her father did it just a couple of days ago her lawyer repeated that, when he knows and we know she did it

  3. Are you people forgetting the duct was wrapped around her head……not just placed across the nose n mouth…it was not supposed to be removed…..she was dead before the tape was put on

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