New Face to the “Dark Knight”

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Joseph Gordon Levitt, you’ve heard of him in weird indie movies (and big films like 10 Things I Hate About You, 50/50, Inception, 500 Days of Summer, etc.) and now you will see him in a dark movie. He is unlike the other actors in the respect that he doesn’t care about his celebrity status. Levitt chose many of his movies based on what he thought he would be best at instead of the blockbuster hits. He was practically given the part in “The Dark Knight Rises”, but he didn’t boast about it. Levitt will be teaming up again with director Chris Nolan and producer Emma Thomas from “Inception”.

In his interview about The Dark Knight Rises, Levitt say that Chris and Emma just talked about the script with him then months later he read over it. Later they told him that he had the part. For Levitt, it will be a different role because his character is evil and good. The Batman fans will see an ambiguous character that isn’t just pure evil or pure good. The neutrality in his character will add to the movie by changing the old-time view of good vs. evil. Levitt has said that, “He loves this character because he is an idealist instead of the other main characters in the movie.” He also said, “I like that the rookie cop questions both people and authority”.

In a week we will finally be able to see “The Dark Knight Rises”, which has teased us for months. The real question is what will John Blake, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, have to deal with in the conclusion to the trilogy. The “Jimmy Kimmel” show featured a clip of the John Blake character in-depth. The clip shows Blake meeting the cop Gordon,while showing the bat signal. In this third movie, Batman has been away from Gotham for many years and now the city needs him. While this is happening Blake’s character is looking for the true identity of Batman. “The Dark Knight Rises” opens July 20th so go out and watch the hit movie of the summer!


  1. He always picks interesting projects, he’s one I always keep an eye out for.

  2. Shayana Galliher says:

    Yes, I truly loved him in all of his movies and now this movie will be very interesting.

  3. I saw this movie today and he was great! Not to mention gorgeous.

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