Beautiful Photos From Around The World

After four months and over 12,000 photos submitted, the National Geographic Traveler’s photo contested ended on July 12th.

This yearly contest gives a chance for photographers, both professional and not, to share their pictures from all over the world.  Every year photography enthusiasts hold nothing back: every photo submitted is as awe-inspiring as the last, and all are captured so beautifully that it’s mind-boggling. Each evokes a sense of travel that’s so compelling it makes you want to get off your computer and discover the world for yourself, or at least that’s my reaction to them.  The pictures themselves can range from landscapes, people, wildlife, and all the aspects of travel that fall within the middle.  For those of us who are impatient, National Geographic even previews the submitted pictures by holding a weekly photo-of-the-week gallery.

Judges are still sorting through the pictures to pick their winners, but online voting for viewer’s choice is continuing until July 20th.  There are four categories: travel portraits, outdoor scenes, sense of place, and spontaneous moments.

Believe me, each and every photo is worth viewing, so go on and vote, or at least look at our wonderful world captured through the lenses of photographic geniuses.

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