Romney + NAACP = Votes

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Mitt Romney’s strategic political move of addressing the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People on July 11, 2012 worked to his advantage, as his campaign intended. Throughout the primaries Romney has come under fire for his repetitive message, lack of explanation on his policies, contradictions, and disconnect to voters. Romney’s speech expressed his strong opposition toward the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s performance, and his economic polices, all hot topics within the Democratic party. Ironically Romney’s voting history shows that he passed legislation in Massachusetts that is very similar to  the ACA. This is yet another example of Romney’s contradictory political stance.

Romney’s speech to the renowned civil rights organization generated rounds of booing, which has given him new credibility and respect within the Republican party. He knew his speech would elicit this behavior.

So why would Romney attend?

Because he looks tough and committed to the conservative platform in the eyes of the Republican electorate. Romney accepted the invitation to speak at the national NAACP convention in Houston as an opportunity to convince Republican voters.

The NAACP was a pawn in a political game to repair Romney’s flimsy image. Other Republican candidates have spoken at the national NAACP conventions and have tailored their speeches to fit the audience. Romney decided against modifying his speech and used this as a way to prove to Republicans that he is dedicated to his platform and is unwavering on the issues.

This could potentially influence swing voters in voting for Romney. He is showing them that he is not afraid to maintain his principles when surrounded by evident opposition.



  1. Very good article, and as the article states it can lead to a new found respect with the swing voters for romney, but his followup comment to a rally after his NAACP speech “if they want free stuff then they should vote for the other guy” (usual suggestion that black people are all about welfare and free handouts) has the potential to undo the initial effectiveness he earned by going to the all black audience, because the swing voters he wants to attract will see through to the real purpose of his visit. The article is very well written with a good analysis

    • Thank you a lot! And yes I am aware of the comment he made to potential donors at a fundraising event. Romney has been accused of being a racist before. The racial undertones of the comment deserves a separate article. I appreciate you reading the article!

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