The Job Market: How can you gain experience, without experience?

Once I came home from my freshman year of college I had one thought, get a job. With that said for the next month and a half I applied to place after place. While I will admit that I should have gotten a head star and applied much early than May, still time after time I was told I wasn’t experienced or qualified enough. So, my question is how can I attain retail experience if the retail world won’t give me a job.

I am an eighteen year-old college student. I don’t have my degree as of yet, so it only makes sense that myself, and the millions in my situation are all wondering the same thing. I understand that our society is proceeding through a rough patch. With that comes the variation of applicants expanding —the elderly, the middle-aged, the graduate, and the student— are all searching for a job. However, how am I supposed to gain some financial gain? Should I take to the pole and become a stripper? Should I take to the corner and distribute drugs?

People look down on those who deal drugs and do all other sorts of illegal activities. Yet, when these same people search aimlessly for jobs and don’t get hired, what are they left to? I am a rear exception; through my involvement with a program called Ladders for Leaders I was able to land an internship at the Herald Square Macy’s. The very same Macy’s I applied to a month earlier and they told me I was under qualified. It’s funny how life tends to work out.

I am aware that there are a vast number of jobless individuals. I personally feel that there is a better way to handle hiring people than just tossing them aside because of their lack of qualifications. Especially in the market area of retail, a market that is usually handed by people around my age and a bit older. I am positive that if it weren’t for Ladders for Leaders I would still be unemployed and at home in my underwear for days, doing absolutely nothing. So, I would like to know how could I gain experience in retail without the chance to gain just that?

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