Lust for Megan Fox

Born May 16, 1986, Megan went from being the teen dream girl to a sex symbol for the media. once she became a famous actress and model. She started acting in 2001 with little television and film roles before she got her first big break as a regular on “Hope & Faith”. But her real big debut was on the movie “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” in 2004. Then in 2007 she co-starred in the hit movie “Transformers” and in 2009 she was the star of the movie “Jennifer’s Body”.

Since her debut in “Transformers” she has repeatedly been on men’s magazines “Hot” lists, Maxim for example. Megan has become the new sex craze for both men and women. In interviews with her, she has admitted that she is bisexual and that she is very picky about the women she likes. Many people have questioned the validity of her being bisexual this because it increased the allure of her sex symbol status. To add fire to that flame, Fox has admitted that in interviews she would say insane things to mess with her audience.

The Times did an interview with Fox where they asked her how she felt about being a role model. Fox said that she isn’t the type of role model that preaches to kids about no sex before marriage or how curse words are bad. She then proceeded to say, “If you want girls to feel strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right, then I’m that type of role model”. Many of her fans seem to love every word that comes out of her mouth and this might be because she has every word she says written before hand. Although her fans question her words, she is attractive, and she’s flattered that people think she is.

Fox says that people wont expect her to have a great performance. She feels pigeonholed by her sex symbol status and  has tried to escape that by playing a less sexual role in the movie “Transformers”. This led to debates surrounding her acting ability. Many writers and critics have said that she doesn’t have any acting skills and that she is just a pretty face. Although she has received of criticism about her acting , she has been compared to Angelina Jolie who had received the same criticism when she began her acting career and she seems to have the same bad girl attitude as Fox. This comparison should mark great things for Fox’s future because Jolie has become one of the leading actresses of her time.

Even though Fox is a media mogul, she does consider how her fans and audience view her. Many of her friends wont be around her because they say they don’t want the spotlight on them. Fox says that she would rather be sexy and independent than sexy and going to the clubs every night. Fox has been all over the media and has been painted in both positive and negative lights. You can find Fox on “The Dictator” and “This is Forty”. She wont be in many movies for a while because she is currently pregnant with her husband, Brian Austin Green’s, baby.

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