10 Reasons to Love True Blood

Warning: If you don’t watch True Blood and you plan to in the future, there are spoilers below.

Of the millions of reasons to love True Blood, here are 10: 

1. While Sookie Stackhouse, the main character, is given way more attention than she deserves by the far-more-incredible-than-she-is men that love her, unlike Twilight’s Bella, she has talents and an interesting life of her own (being telepathic and half fairy and all)… Though, these qualities really don’t explain to me why Sam Merlotte, Bill Compton, Eric Northman, and Alcide all feel the need to risk their lives for her on a daily basis. Especially Sam Merlotte, who can’t even count on Sookie to come to work.

Image from trueblood.wikia.com

2. I refuse to believe I was the only person who loved Franklin Mott. Yes, he may have been a psychotic vampire that kidnapped Tara, but in his defense, he loved her so much. And I know he came back to Bon Temp to kill Tara… but in all fairness, she did beat his head in with a medieval mallet of some sort (though this was a response to the kidnapping her and raping her…) Not to mention in Franklin’s brief run on the show, he managed  to have the funniest dialogue. Take his justification for kidnapping Tara in the first place, “This one is spectacularly different, she’s a fucking disaster, we could be twins! The attraction is electric”.

Image from avagacser.wordpress.com

3. Eric Northman, enough said.

(I could say more about the magnificence that is Eric Northman, but I’ll save you guys the rambling.)

Image from steppenwolf24.tumblr.com

4. On a more serious note, True Blood writers do an excellent job of using their fictional Vampire Rights Movement to highlight the struggles of past and present civil rights movements in America.

5. True Blood makes you appreciate your family. This sounds strange, but if you watch True Blood, I’m pretty sure you had a new appreciation for your family after being introduced to the crazy that are the Mickens and Lettie Mae. All I’m saying is, I’d rather my parents not use my shape shifting abilities to force me to compete in dog fights or for my mom to be an alcoholic that abused me for my entire life and then claimed it’s the demon in her that’s drinking the alcohol, all before having an affair with the preacher.

Image from edmundcamacho.com

Image from trueblood.wikia.com

6. The werewolves in True Blood. They may pale in comparison to vampires, along with having the tendency to be all around psychotic due to their V addictions, but Alcide can definitely hold his ground against his Sookie competitors, Bill and Eric, without becoming a groveling baby, like Twilight’s Jacob.

Image from funkydineva.com

7. While I’m hoping for Russell Edgington’s death, there’s nothing like a shamelessly crazy vampire with plans to reduce the human race to farm animals, who rips out the heart of journalists live on TV, to keep the ball rolling.

Image from openbooksociety.com

8. Aside from being hilarious, sarcastic, and ever so mean, Eric Northman’s progeny, Pam, seems to be the only character on the show aware of the ridiculousness of all these supernatural and powerful men fighting over and risking their immortality for Sookie.

9. Lafayette dominates every scene he’s in. Whether he’s dealing drugs, blackmailing politicians, prostituting himself for vampire blood, beating up homophobs, or being possessed by the spirit of an evil witch, he’s always stealing the show.

Image from aceofcups.tumblr.com

10. Jason Stackhouse. While Jason (and his undeniably good looks)  has slept with almost every woman in Bon Temp, been framed for murder, stolen his best friend’s girlfriend (I have yet to forgive him for this), been raped by werepanthers, shot Tara’s boyfriend, and slapped his own sister, he still manages to be the most kindhearted person on the show. His kindness makes it possible to ignore his stupidity.

Image from fanpop.com


  1. Shayana Galliher says:

    Its sad but I truly love the show. My favorite character is pam because she doesn’t put up with peoples bs and she is the only sensible character on the show. However, Alcides sexy body is too much for the show.

  2. I love Pam too, especially how she’s so loyal to Eric. But Eric is my favorite, I love him, THOUGH, I believe Sookie belongs with Bill though.

  3. Shayana Galliher says:

    I just want Eric to be slutty and live his life with Pam. I almost shed a tear when he released her. Sookie is the hoes of all hoes.

  4. lol I want Eric to be with someone faithfully, but not Sookie, she loves him only if he changes for her her and that’s not love. I was sad when he released Pam too. I don’t think Sookie’s a hoe, but she’s definitely not half as indebted to Bill as she should be. It was wrong for her to get with Eric, but I don’t think it was promiscuous. HOWEVER, she shouldnt be trying to start anything with Alcide when she knows his feelings are genuine and she is already in love with both Eric and Bill, plus, she did kill Alcide’s girlfriend and all.

  5. Shayana Galliher says:

    Eric is sexier as a man whore and Sookie is very very slutty. However, she is a good main character.

  6. How is she slutty shay? She’s had sex with 2 people a year a part from each other?

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