Calling all Odd Future fans

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A night to remember was what it was. On the 13th of June, I was lucky to bag myself some reasonably priced tickets to go and see Odd Future’s neo soul band, The Internet, which consists of Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martian, in good old Shoreditch of London. I even managed to use my cunning african skills to deceive the ever so smart club bouncers and with absolutely no form of i.d, was able to get into the Concrete club whilst being under the age of 18. If I could have chosen one song to be played in the background whilst I made my way into the club, it would have been Ima Boss by Meek Mills, because that is exactly what I felt like.

Upon entering the underground club, I was introduced to a 90’s chilled atmosphere, with a DJ playing a Tribe called Quest songs in one corner, and a bowl full of candy in the other. At first I had the intentions of darting for the candy, but I remembered that I had to act 18 and on doing so, walked nonchalantly passed the bowl and made my way to the stage like the boss that I was, it was quite humorous really. One hour had passed and I had become impatient of waiting and slightly woozy due to the fact that were an army of incense sticks in the compact club, and my nose was inhaling every single one of them, but then all of a sudden a small hooded figure was seen to be fighting its way past the crowd onto the stage, and instantly realizing it was the all mighty Syd Tha Kid, I too joined the crowd in a series of screams and ‘I love you Sydney!’ The first song the Internet performed was the electric, Neptunes-like Cocaine and before I knew it, Syd tha Kid had broken eye contact from the rest of the crowd, looked straight into my smitten eyes and reached out and held my sweaty hand…I was stomped. Over a matter of seconds, my girl crush on Sydney had escalated and I transformed from a mature ’18’ year old, to a shrieking 13-year-old Belieber.

What made the night was the use of live instruments during the performance. The club was wrapped in a blanket of beautiful jazzy sounds that got the crowd swaying and clicking their fingers, and to top it off, Mike G, who I had no idea was standing behind me, emerged from the crowd and was welcomed warmly by us singing him happy birthday. The night had come to an end, and all the songs had been excellently executed by the band and quite ghastly executed by the crowd. Once again, Syd Tha Kid made me blush by staring at me whilst singing, although it was the fourth time of her looking at me that made my ears actually turn hot. As soon as she said her thank yous, Sydney made the brave move of hugging a fan which ultimately led to a whole swarm of British teenagers brutally launching themselves at her, but like a boss I succeeded in hugging Sydney and even getting her to sign my Hello Kitty doll; what a convincing 18-year-old I turned out to be.

The gig was perfect in every single way, the fact that I was able to stand in front of not only one, but three actual Odd Future members and was able to listen to one of my favorite albums live filled me with so much joy. It was worth breaking the law.


  1. Tajha Konomanyi says:

    *typo in the sentence ‘syd tha kid and broken eye contact’ should be ‘had broken eye contact’ lol

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