Fred Willard Arrested!

When you hear of Fred Willard you think of a happy-go-lucky actor, however, he was arrested on Wednesday for lewd conduct. The veteran actor and comedian was arrested Wednesday night at a movie theater in Hollywood. TMZ stated that the actor was caught with his pants down at Tiki Theater in Hollywood, California. The LAPD undercover officer went into the theater for a routine visit and saw Willard with his pants down. The authorities said that they were having a random walk-through, that the law permits them, when they saw the actor.

Reportedly, he was arrested around 8:45 p.m. and then booked for lewd conduct. Willard was held in police custody for a little while and then released later that night. PBS told “The New York Times” that because of the incident, Willard will not be the narrator of “Market Warriors”; a spin-off of “Antique Roadshow”. Representatives for Willard haven’t commented yet on the incident. Willard has been on numerous comedic shows such as “King of the Hill”, Roxanne”, and “Modern Family”. Willard is 78 years old and now fans wonder if this behavior affect his upcoming comedy, “The Yank”.

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