Amy Winehouse Legacy

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Today is the first anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death. In the past year she has put out an album and opened up a foundation for music in the UK. That’s a lot for someone that hasn’t been alive for a year. She contributed to so much when she was alive with just her music and now she and her music will still impact people. Winehouse’s first album, Frank, didn’t give her a hit single like her next album, Back to Black, did, but it was still a great musical album. Her number one hit was “Rehab” which gave her recognition in the U.S. and made her a household name. Many artists have credited her with being different from the other female musicians and for inspiring them. Despite her impact, Winehouse died an untimely death from the wild life she led. The coroner stated that her death was caused by alcohol overdose. She had more than five times the legal driving limit which was enough to stop her breathing from functioning properly.

After her death, many artists have declared the influence she had over them. Before she died she was criticized about her addictions to drugs and alcohol. The biggest artists on the radio talked about their disbelief and sadness of her passing. Lady GaGa said, in a tweet, “Amy changed pop music forever. I remember knowing there was hope and feelings not alone because of her”. Adele said some of her music was influenced by Winehouse’s style, and she also wrote on her website how much she loved Winehouse and how she had impacted her in many ways.

After her death her music sales skyrocketed. Her album “Back to Black” found itself in the top 10 on the charts again. At the MTV Music Awards, Bruno Mars did a tribute to Amy Winehouse’s song “Valerie” and they showed Tony Bennett’s song with Winehouse on the background screen. The song “Body and Soul” was released on her 28th birthday, which fans deemed bittersweet. Winehouse had come far from her addictions and her break up with her former fiancé’. Even though Amy is dead her legacy will live on forever in the hearts of her fans, not as an addict, but as a musician.


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