Children: For Them, Sexually Suggestive Dancing is Never Cute

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Several days ago I was doing my usual routine of checking, when I came across a video of six-years old doing a

sexually suggestive dance called “Dem Bow”. The video was shot in Washington Heights, NY, which isn’t very far from where I live. Videos like these are sad because they expose to children to things of a sexual nature at a very young age. Even sadder and seemingly embarrassing is that adults film these videos. Adults, who egg these children on, screaming ‘Get it!’ or ‘Aye!’ .In the background, yet when these children began experimenting with each other at a young age their parents are shocked.

I know that in today’s society it’s nearly impossible to not run into some form of sex. Whether in television, music, and movies; even large billboards through out our environment where women are in their bikinis, men in their underwear, and etc. However, it doesn’t mean there is a need for adults to expose these young children to suggestive dances. That can lead later on to earlier stages of children experimenting with sex. So, people want to act surprised or shocked with they have “babies with babies”. But, what do you expect to occur when you expose youngsters to sexual actions.

Throughout the Internet I have seen videos of women “tweaking,” which is a form of dancing that is pure butt shaking if you will. In these videos these women will be in their underwear blasting music and dancing, unaware that their own children walk into the frame and witness this. Or, even worse when women have their children in the room when they take suggestive pictures, or have these same children take the pictures!

How does set a positive example for these children? Some of these “parents” aren’t fit enough to receive the title. These put their children in suggestive clothing, try to become their best friends instead of their parents. Then wonder what they did wrong when their children become strippers, teen mothers, or sexually loose. This goes for males as well when their sons end up having multiple partners and running loose in the streets sticking their genitals in whatever they can find. This all stems for the most part with how these children are raised. So please don’t take their childhood likely, and for heaven’s sake don’t have them doing “Dem Bow” on video or at all for their benefit!

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