New Indie Group Romans Releases Their First Single (w/Download)

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Mystery Girl” is the catchy first single by the newly formed indie-rock collaboration, Romans, that takes you through generations of rock music: 60’s brit-rock, 70’s glam, and 70-‘s funk-pop, all show their influence, and are connected with a unique modern twist.

The song starts out with a groovy bass line and a straightforward bass-and –snare.  When singer Jeremy Fury starts with the first verse I’m immediately reminded of British music greats the Rolling Stones and The Clash.  To their credit Romans is able to capture the influences of these bands, but you’re not left feeling like this song is simply a tribute to old legends; “Mystery Girl” pays tribute to its influences but it does so with a modern twist so that the sound in fuller, crisper, and better.

What makes things even better is that the song completely changes its style to glam going into the chorus, complete with all the heavier sounds, ooo’s, yeah’s, and hand-clapping that could make this song a drunken bar anthem.

Romans is the product of the joint venture between Jeremy Fury from We Are the Fury, and Craig Bonich from Head Automatica / Jaguar Love.  Considering their backgrounds, Romans’ sound in surprisingly different from their previous work, and a lot more mature.  I personally loved Head Automatica and Bonich’s steady guitar sounds; especially in their radio hit “Beating Heart Baby,” but there seemed little room for experimentation.  Fury’s old group, We Are the Fury, had a more similar sound to Romans, though it was more Queen + Fall Out Boy, and now the sound is more Queen + The Rolling Stones.  You can decide which you like more, I believe my vote is obvious.

Smooth transitions, a more mature sound, and a funky glam anthem make “Mystery Girl” something to listen to, most likely over and over again.

You can download the song from the first available link, and also…… =>

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