Payroll Card: Beneficial or Harmful

This summer instead of being paid with paper checks or direct deposit I received a Payroll Card. As someone who already has a bank account and a Debit card, I thought this was an unnecessary way to pay me. This card comes with all kinds of fees and it takes three days to transfer the money from the card into my bank account. So, despite the fact I get paid on Friday’s I won’t receive my money until the next Tuesday. This card has made me wonder whether the digital age comes with helpful advances or unnecessary steps?

I get employed through a New York City employment program. I can understand the agency wanting to teach the people of generation about finance and things of that nature. Why not just help us to open banks accounts with the various banks throughout the city. Instead of this card, it feels as though this is an obstacle in my ability to receive my pay from working.

I feel as though even at the end I would have to transfer whatever money I have on this card over to a bank account. The card’s pamphlet talks about being able to keep your account and carry your card over to your next job. Why would I want to do that? With the option of direct deposit, why carry two debit cards? When one of them carries a fee for ATM withdrawals, while my Chase account allows for no fees when using a Chase ATM. There is no Payroll Card ATM around my city or anywhere for that matter.

This card is more harmful for me particularly. Not only do I have to rely on my mother to give me money until the money appears in my bank account. But now every Friday, as long as I am working this summer, I must wait for three business days to pass before I am able to access the money in my Chase bank account. I think this PaychekPlus Elite Vise Payroll Card is not only a waste of time, but also an unnecessary distraction from acquiring a bank account.

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