The Dark Knight Rose Past My Expectations

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The Dark Knight Rises is the final installment in the Batman trilogy. Christopher Nolan was director in the film series. Christian Bale has played Batman in all three movies. The film premiered this weekend and it has an excellent cast. The cast has Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Old man reprise their roles as Lucius Fox, Alfred Pennyworth, and Commissioner Gordon. Tom Hardy plays the main villain of the movie, Bain. Anne Hathaway plays Batman’s unlikely partner, Catwoman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays John Blake a Gotham police officer. Finally, Marion Cotillard, Miranda Tate, plays another key character.

The Dark Knight Rises finds Gotham eight years after the ending of The Dark Knight. The city is experiencing a period of peace and Batman hasn’t been seen since the night of Harvey Dent’s death. I found the movie to be an excellent finish to the trilogy. It didn’t leave me confused; all the loose ends were tied. I left the theater feeling completely satisfied.

The Dark Knight was well written and the actors were excellent. As per usual Christian Bale was terrific as Batman. In this film he plays a Batman past his prime and filled with despair. Michael Caine played Alfred beautifully and did a heart-warming performance. Anne Hathaway was both as seductive and cunning as Catwoman should be. Every actor played his or her part well and each part came together to make the movie complete.

The Dark Knight is two hours and forty-four minutes long. I didn’t feel as though I was seated for three hours. Instead, I felt purely interested in the film and didn’t feel time or even get uncomfortable in my seat. The actions, the back-stories, the flashbacks, even the small bits of romance were all very interested. The relationship between Batman and Catwoman was portrayed perfectly. My absolute very moment of the movie was the last five moments of the movie. The ending was beautiful and very touching.

I believe Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman and this trilogy has got to be one of the best in cinematic history. I believe if you’re a fan of action movies, and more importantly a fan of Batman, you must see this movie. Not even just this movie but the entire trilogy. I recommend this movie 100% everything about it wonderful. From the acting to the music score; all these components came to together to make a well-made film. The Dark Knight Rises is a true ode to superhero, who technically isn’t even super. The Dark Knight Rises rose to all my expectations and beyond.


  1. *Spoiler Alert*
    Batman didn’t die.0_0 Gordon or another cop said that the auto pilot was
    broken and Batman said that’s why i’m here and got into the aircraft and fixed the auto pilot
    and ejected himself into the ocean thus making another AWESOME movie with everybody thinking Batman is dead. (I’m only 10 :D)

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