R.I.P Marcus “Fly” Henderson

“Don’t wanna pass away and my name still a mystery”. -Fly Henderson

Almost a year ago, surfing YouTube, I discovered a song called “Hello” by Auburn, Bishop, and Fly Henderson. Ever since then, I’ve become aware of the amazing upcoming artists scene in Minnesota and I’d become a huge fan of Fly Henderson, whose album, Dream Catcher, blew me away.

The world often complains about the amazing talent that never get the opportunities or shine they deserve, and I’m about to be no exception. To my devastation, Fly Henderson, a 20-year-old rapper that I was convinced would take the rap world by storm, passed away on Saturday afternoon after drowning in Lake Tapps. I believe this is a tragedy to not just his friends and family, but his fans who wanted so badly to see him succeed. But I also believe through legacy, there is a life after death and as a fan, I’m going to use this outlet, Candor News, to feature his music so that those who didn’t get a chance to experience his greatness, do. In addition, I plan to give coverage to fellow musicians and friends of Fly’s like Tae Guapo, Killuh Lost, That Guy Soda, and so many more.

To preview and purchase Fly’s album, click here 

To show respect to Fly, tweet #FlyHendersonMadeIt



  1. Marisa Turner says:

    Thank you for this article & sharing his videos. This young man is the nephew of a church member of mine. I never knew of his great talent until your article. Thank you!

  2. Marcus “Fly” Henderson , Was an amazing person inside & out .. He was always smiling he had such an amazing talent he was going too put minnesota on the map . I miss you Fly .. Forever is never enough &= (:

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