A Literary Craze

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Bared to You, a new and popular romance novel rivaling E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, is not your average love story. Full of steamy scenes, dysfunctional relationships, and, of course, beautiful people, Bared to You has once again re-established the newest racy book craze.

Sylvia Day’s newest novel has not only made the New York Times Best Seller list, but has also followed the recent trend of containing approximately 90% sensuality with just a tad of a story line. Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel, follows the story of Eva Trammell, a young woman with a disturbing past, who relocates to New York City for work. However, not only does moving to New York bring her a new life and job, but also new love. Enter Gideon Cross: a tall, dark, handsome, decidedly filthy rich, and troubled young man. Eva and Gideon have instant chemistry, but are both reluctant to start a relationship. Nevertheless, as the novel progresses and the two delve deeper and deeper into their pasts and newfound love, their connection and need for each other grows, as does their worry and concern for one another.

Filled with obstacles, sexual tension, and some troubling character flaws, Bared to You certainly takes its readers on a wild ride. The novel is undoubtedly filled with sex and little substance, but is somehow irresistible. As a passionate reader, I was reluctant to like it, trying to convince myself that the steamy romance was devoid of any real emotion and lacked literary merit. However, as a huge lover of romantic tension and a firm believer in all that is Edward Cullen and Christian Grey, I couldn’t deny my obsession with Day’s new novel. Sure, you can judge me as being just another shallow, romance-deprived woman seeking solace in the pages of a book, but I won’t deny my liking of Bared to You. With news of a second book coming out in October, women all over the world will continue to feed their obsession with written romance and Gideon Cross.  Though the literary snobs of the world scoff at its rising popularity, Bared to You will continue to consume women and undeniably wreak havoc for our society’s culture.

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