The Villification of Kristen Stewart

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From highest paid actress in Hollywood to the “biggest tramp in town”, the last few weeks have been a crazy ride for Kristen Stewart.

By now, I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has heard about Kristen Stewart cheating on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. It’s been what I consider to be one of the hugest scandals in Hollywood right now, because Kristen isn’t exactly known for being outgoing.

The whole debacle has been bothering me because: a) why are Twilight and Stewart fans looking for a personal apology? Were you cheated on? and b) only Kristen is being heralded as a slut and homewrecker and none of the blame is being placed on the other party. I’ve always been in the camp that relationships are personal issues that should stay private, and I feel for Rob and Kristen, as they’ve done their best to keep their private lives private. I also feel for the family of the director, as their trust was betrayed by someone close to them, and my thoughts are with them in this troubling time.

First, let’s discuss the phenomena of the public expecting an apology from Kristen about her private affairs. We’ve seen celebrities apologize to their fans time and time again for nude photo scandals, affairs carried out, and other circumstances that are not any of the public’s business. Yeah, they’re going to apologize to save face, but for what? I like Kristen Stewart, and have ever since she was first signed on in the Twilight films. She’s always been genuine in interviews, and has never once said that she was trying to be a role model. Why do I need her to apologize to me? I wasn’t hurt in this scandal; the director’s wife and kids were, and Rob was. Those are the only people in this whole thing that deserve an apology. The rest is just excess. If you think Kristen owes you an apology, you have got some serious entitlement issues, and need to take a seat.

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Perhaps the most frustrating thing of this whole drama is how quickly Kristen was branded a whore and a slut. Well, I’m here to tell you that it takes two consensual individuals to cheat, and the director is every bit as guilty as she is. Nothing excuses the fact that a family was broken by this, and nothing excuses the fact that many people were hurt in this situation. However, even the most intelligent people make mistakes, and both parties involved clearly did not follow their better judgement.

That doesn’t excuse the fact that the other person involved, Rupert Sanders, should’ve known better. Sanders is 41, and married with two kids. This is someone who has made a lifetime commitment to another person to love and cherish them, and only them, for the rest of his life. At 41, he’s old enough to know that an affair could damage their careers, old enough to realize that as the director on set, he was in a position of power over Stewart, old enough to realize that he should maybe keep it in his pants.

So why is only Kristen being heralded as a slut? He ruined his relationship with his wife just as much as she did. And after seeing his apology to his wife and kids, my immediate reaction was “You better start sleeping with one eye open.” I know I wouldn’t excuse that behavior, and Liberty Ross shouldn’t either. For Sanders to have hope that his wife will stand by him in this time is really cute, and I hope she slaps him with a reality check. Soon.

Celebrity cheating scandals are exhausting to even think about because the whole thing is usually riddled with entitlement and finger pointing, and it’s going to be all you’re gonna hear about for weeks. The terrible part about this is that it won’t go away until promotion for Breaking Dawn, pt. 2 is over, and poor Robert Pattinson is forced out of hiding to make a statement.

This whole thing is horrible, and for the sake of all the parties involved, I hope the media circus blows over quickly.


  1. Marylyn1962 says:

    I feel bad for Rob, Liberty and the kids. I agree that BOTH Kristen & Rupert Sanders are culpable for their actions. She however is getting the heat because she is more famous and because Robert Pattinson is incredibly well liked by the public and his huge fan base. Not to mention he just seems like such a decent, down to earth, nice guy. I can’t even imagine how awkward the press junket for Breaking Dawn Part 2 is going to be now. What a mess!

    • Carina Browder says:

      I know, I feel so bad for Rob. He’s always been private about his life, and this whole scandal is only going to ensure that he never comes out of hiding.
      The whole thing reeks of irresponsible behavior.

  2. I agree that she doesn’t owe the public an apology and didn’t need to do so, which is why I believe it was a move by her management in order to save her image. I agree she is getting more of the heat, but that’s she because she’s more famous and the fact is, this whole “scandal” isn’t really that big of a deal, they are only boyfriend and girlfriend, not senator and wife, however, the media is using this to run wild with. I’m not really feeling sorry for her because she made a conscious decision as a person in the spotlight with little chance of being able to hide an affair, to do what she did. I’m not really upset about the fact that she’s catching more of the heat than the director and people are sympathizing with Rob because I actually find it refreshing that for once the media isn’t ganging up on the men and trying to make women seem like little heartbroken lambs. It almost seems like this scandal in a weird way, empowers Kristen Stewart as a female. What I do think is a reflection of the way society plays gender roles though is the fact that everyone wants Rob to just forgive her, but had this scandal been where Rob had cheated on her, I’m positive they would be informing Kristen not to take her back and that once a cheater, always a cheater. Love this article Carina.

    • Carina Browder says:

      I just think it’s so odd that she would be that open about it when she’s one of the biggest names in the business right now. If I had any kind of fame to my name and was carrying on an affair, there is no way I would be caught by photogs making out with someone in a car. It feels staged, like her representation wanted to hype her up more and change her image so she wouldn’t be typecasted into roles like Bella Swan.
      Either way, I’m sad for everyone involved. It’s terrible when the bad decisions of two people end up hurting others.

      • That actually could very well be possible Carina, I saw on TV today that people were saying this affair makes her seem less teenager and may open her up to bigger roles so you may be absolutely right in saying it was staged. I am sad for the other people involved as well.

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