Five Ways to Get Social

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With the school year rapidly approaching and apprehension and excitement increasing for many attending new schools and universities, it’s clear that getting back into the swing of college and making new friends is on everyone’s list. Though many are returning to familiar routines of school and hanging with old friends, others are timidly walking into new and unfamiliar territory. The question on many people’s minds is: Where do I fit in? Fear not, concerned and worried students, for universities and colleges all have numerous ways to get involved, meet new people, and become plugged in on campus. Here are 5 ways to find your niche at school and make this semester and year a great one.

  1. Greek Life. I know many of you may be rolling your eyes, imagining hoards of horny, drunk young men and women wasting their lives away in a pile of red cups and vomit, but truly, Greek life has it’s quirks. The stereotypes for sororities and fraternities has been exaggerated and manipulated for decades, with the usual idea being that all they do is party. However, this is far from true. At many universities, Greek life is a great way of getting involved. Not every frat and sorority party, and not all of them are as preppy and exclusive as they’re often publicized to be. Many fraternities and sororities promote philanthropies, brotherhood/sisterhood, academia, and getting involved on campus. Greek life offers many exclusive campus offers and perks, promoting your education and college experience. It also offers lifetime friendships, and not all solely based in the party scene. It’s a great way to get plugged in and a terrific way to make friends and meet new people. Though the costs may be high at some universities, it’s often worth the money. Plus, there are often scholarship opportunities.
  2. Clubs are another great way to get involved on every campus. With most universities having numerous clubs in pretty much every category imaginable, everyone is sure to find a group to fit into. Clubs cannot only be quirky and for pure fun, but can also focus on careers and support from fellow students. Clubs are often a wonderful way to meet new people with similar interests and goals as you.
  3. Getting a job not only brings in the cash, but also introduces you to new people and many opportunities. It doesn’t have to be a serious job either, with a position at a coffee shop or at the local library being ideal. You’ll have an established situation and assuredly meet student customers and coworkers alike. There’s also room for promotion and the guarantee of having references for future internship and job applications.
  4. Live on campus. Really, it’s a great idea. If you have the opportunity, I strongly encourage each and every student to live and spend as much time on campus as possible. Not only will you meet TONS of students since you are, of course, in the heart of it all, but you will really get to know your university. You may end up with a weird roommate or a stinky dorm hall, but the people you will meet and the opportunities you will be presented with will surely be worth it.
  5. Find study groups. Classes are a great way to meet fellow students who may be in the same major as you. Starting study groups is a great way to establish a routine and find friends who may be in for the long haul with you. Not only will this benefit your grades, but possibly your social life as well. These study buddies could easily turn into friends because, after all, practically everyone is seeking new friendships while at school.

These tips and recommendations are barely scratching the surface when it comes to incorporating yourself on campus. Every school and university is different, offering wide varieties of opportunities for their students. All it takes is getting out there and making the effort to get involved.

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