Musicians “StageIt” from their living room, welcoming fans into their home

A new way for musicians to reach out to fans, innovative website is gaining notoriety.

Created in October 2010, StageIt is a web-based platform headquartered in Los Angeles, California. This “online concert venue” allows performers to broadcast their backstage or in-house antics to a select crowd, providing a unique experience to viewers. All it takes is a webcam and a willing audience!

For musicians, all that is required is an account, in addition to the ability to broadcast from a webcam. Once these basics are taken care of, performers are able to raise money via online concerts, as well as reach out to fans worldwide in a truly one of a kind setting. What happens during a StageIt performance is just like what happens during a set at a physical music venue; for the most part, what you see can only happen once. The interaction, back and forth with fans, musical blunders, and so forth can’t be replicated!

For fans, all it takes is an account and $5 to get started. As the currency of StageIt is “notes,” with 10 notes equaling $1, viewers are required to purchase a minimum of 50 notes when creating an account. Having these notes in the bank, per se, cuts down on the amount of credit card transactions and ensures the ability to purchase a ticket or tip an artist during their set.  During a performance, fans can interact with the performer via chat, as well as with like-minded music lovers. The chat occurs in “real time,” meaning that the artist can see what the fans are up to, just like the fans can see the artist via broadcast. With this in mind, fans are free to request songs!

All in all, the process is very simple. Once the performer sets the date, time, and ticket price of their show, the StageIt set really takes off on it’s own. Tickets are bought, the show date arrives, and memories are created. Musicians can broadcast from wherever, with whomever, giving fans a personal glimpse into their life. On the flip side, fans can watch everything unfold while sitting at home in pajamas, eating a bag of popcorn.

Upcoming StageIt performers include Jimmy Buffett, Jay Sean, The Ready Set, Marie Digby, and Tyler Hilton.


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