Oh Henry Hopper, accused of Rape…

Well say it ain’t so.

Image from globalgrind.com

Henry Hopper, the 21-year-old son of famous actor Dennis Hopper and star of the movie “Restless”, has been accused of seducing a 15-year-old girl with drugs and alcohol and raping [statutory] her. The mother of the unidentified girl has sued Hopper. The legal papers have been filed using the name Jane Doe.

According to the mother, Hopper and the girl met in February 2011 and continued speaking through Facebook where the girl was invited to Hopper’s home and promised drugs and alcohol. The suit itself states that the sexual contact would not occur until after she was already intoxicated. The mother is also claiming that the girl has had to seek mental treatment.

Well, I don’t condone rape under any circumstances. But statutory rape is always a tricky subject since the victim has actually given consent, they are just underage. I know the mother is arguing in this situation that the child was intoxicated but based on the information provided, the child seemed to be willingly engaging in this sexual relationship with him and  in the drugs and alcohol. I’m more inclined to call this an inappropriate relationship and not rape. But, in any event, she is underage.  Give me your thoughts.



  1. Oh no, please let this not be true

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