“Step Up Revolution” Takes the Stage by Storm

Image from starseeker.com

Though many would insist that the Step Up franchise is stretching its luck with each new theatrical addition, the recently released Step Up Revolution does not disappoint when it comes to entertainment. Jam-packed with new moves, great music, and thrilling stunts, it seems as though the action makes up for the acting once again.

When we last caught up with the Step Up crew, the “House of Pirates” was taking over New York City and winning the World Jam dance contest. In the latest film, the stage is now Miami and the crew is known as “the mob.” Starring dancers Ryan Guzman, Kathryn McCormick, and Stephen Boss, Step Up Revolution follows a flash mob crew as they stick up for their beliefs and protest the city through dancing. Mix that in with a bit of romance and some bland acting and you basically have the movie. Though the acting is pretty bad (most of these people are dancers first and foremost), I still have to stress how entertaining this film really is. First of all, the dancing is incredible. Dance scenes in the film are set all over the city, including a busy street, art museum, and restaurant. The dancing is taken to a whole other level with these new venues, adding more fun and spontaneity with the whole flash mob idea and more extreme choreography with the inconvenient stages. The costumes, lay out, and music just add to the overall aesthetic appeal. You don’t get much out of the star-crossed romance or overall plot, but Ryan Guzman is still great to look at.

Yes, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Step Up Revolution. It kept me entertained and basically made me want to become a professional dancer. Though my dreams of gracing the stage probably won’t come true, my dreams of there being another Step Up hopefully will. The storylines of the films are never surprising but the entertainment is certainly there, making this franchise a successful and great one in my opinion.

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