Gleeks Rejoice, The “Box Scene” is Here!

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On July 31, TV producer and Glee boss Ryan Murphy raised a challenge for Glee fans and his followers, tweeting that if he got to 500,000 followers, he would release the infamous “box scene” from the Christmas episode of Glee. The scene, which was cut from this year’s Glee Christmas special, depicts Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) celebrating their first Christmas together. In less than a day, Ryan Murphy got his wish, as his follower count skyrocketed into over 100,000, and he released the video exclusively on his Twitter.

Glee fans have been a little disgruntled all summer, as some of their favorite characters have had their dreams stomped on and ripped violently from them with what felt like no resolution. Some Glee fans are even a little mad about the Comic-Con panel, and the things that were said there. However, yesterday’s release of the “box scene”, which featured the adorable, wildly popular couple ‘Klaine’, definitely brought joy back into the fandom.

To see what has gotten Glee fans in a tizzy, watch the “box scene” here:

Glee returns to FOX at its new Thursday time slot at 9/8c on September 13. Follow @MRRPMurphy for more extra Glee scenes and information, as well as news on his shows The New Normal (NBC) and American Horror Story (FX).



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