The USA’s New Golden Boys

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This summer, girls’ hearts have been taken by storm. The 2012 Olympics has not only brought us entertainment and a reason to dawn the old red, white, and blue all summer long, but has also given us some er… nice views to look at in the process.

The USA men’s swim team is made up of rock stars; there’s no doubt about that. With medals piling up, entertaining YouTube videos exuding personality, and good bodies being exposed on a daily basis, the Olympic swim team seems to have captured hearts all over the world. What started as a one-man obsession (you remember the Michael Phelps phase everyone went through), has become a team-based craze. Yes, the men of the swim team have certainly made an impression this summer, becoming national symbols and heroes over the course of the season.

Before the Ryan Lochte obsession or the Ricky Berens craze, there was Michael Phelps. Phelps, the now most decked out Olympian in history, first became popular in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics when he literally tore up the pool, snatching gold medals left and right. Phelps is a talented athlete and definitely a reason for women all over the country to swoon; however, that isn’t to say he doesn’t have some tough competition when it comes to both swimming and acquiring the most adoring fans.

Most women are thinking it, so I’m just going to type it. Ryan Lochte. This summer, Lochte has literally become an Olympic icon. Cocky, good-looking, and obviously talented, Lochte hasn’t disappointed when it comes to the drama surrounding the Olympics. Not only has he snagged a couple of his own medals this summer, but his apparent rivalry with team mate Michael Phelps has also become huge. Many think the newly popular swimmer is a little too big-headed, especially when it comes to Phelps, but that still can’t change the fact that he’s obnoxiously gorgeous and a total boss when it comes to the pool.

Other popular faces (and bods) of the men’s Olympic swim team include the ever-adorable Nathan Adrian, the tall, dark, and handsome Ricky Berens, and cute and polite Conor Dwyer. Together, these men have created an obsession. They may be in a popularity competition with the newly named “Fab Five,” but women all over the world have definitely taken a special liking to the men’s swim team. Trying to pick your favorite might be the hardest part, with each one possessing his own unique flare and devilishly handsome appearance.


  1. I totally disagree with the writer, the US women swimmers are “golden” especially because their success was so much more unexpected. And with regard to Lochte outside of the 1 miracle win he took from phelps he as disappointed, but I am happy that he has success and I agree he is good looking especially with regards to swimmers, for the women and the men they are not the most pleasing on the eyes.

    • Elise Brunsvold says:

      I agree with the fact that the women’s team is also fantastic, I was merely just focusing on the men in the wake of Phelps’s 20th medal and his and Lochte’s big race. Thanks for the input, though!

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