Myke Bogan’s Mixtape Review

A few weeks ago I wrote about the amazing upcoming artist, Myke Bogan. I was impressed when he spoke about how he wanted to bring the originality back to Hip Hop and his newest mixtape did not disappoint. Throughout the interview Myke expresses a sense of confidence and style unlike any other upcoming rapper. Now, his new mixtape is a hit.

The mixtape, So Long, South Dakota, has 12 original songs. His first song, “Time Pass Autumn”, gives his fans the hit that they love. Myke’s voice and lyrics bring out his true star quality, while showing his fans that he isn’t going anywhere. The song talks about how much Hip Hop has changed and that it should go back to days of “The Fugees” and “Tupac”. You can tell from this song that Myke listens to the old Kings and Queens of Hip Hop and R & B.

The next song, “Smoke N Go to Bed”, is different from the rest of the songs on the album, in that it has an inspiration outlook like “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco. Just like Myke said in the interview, he is a diverse rapper. In all of his songs his lyrics excel beyond that of his competition. You can bump your head to his songs, especially  “Long Time Coming”. The use of the old lyrics and beats make the song a hit.

His singles are “Uncle Elroy’s Couch” and “Enemy Anthem” which have gotten much publicity from all over. “Enemy Anthem” is said to be the best song to come out of Portland since Kurt Cobain. The mixtape shows Mykes talent and skills, however, he uses his talents to better himself and the people around him. Hopefully, his influence will change the way Hip Hop has become and revert it back to its original glory. Myke Bogan is changing the game and if you are on the ride then you will go to the top with him.
Download his mixtape here


  1. myke bogan says:

    thank you again shayana for another amazing article my team and i really appreciate everything candor does for us!!!

  2. Shayana Galliher says:

    You are a really good artist so its just cake to me.

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