Dormtainment: The Next Big Thing

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The Internet is filled with sketch comedy groups. One of my personal favorites is Dormtainment. Founded in 2009, the Atlanta-based group consists of six friends: Chaz, Cam, Amanuel, Mike, Rome, and Tay. Dormtainment does both comedy sketches and music. Dormtainment has created various hilarious characters, such as Jerome Hansen, Jerry J, and Smiley. Jerome Hansen is a caricature of Chris Hansen from NBC’s Dateline: To Catch A Predator. Jerry J is a man with a Jerri Curl who is always dancing. Smiley is a mute man with a constant smile.  Every Sunday at 7pm E.S.T., they release a new skit and have released two music mix tapes.

One of their most famous videos is a parody of the famous N.W.A. song, “Straight Outta Compton”; their version is called “Straight Outta Dunwoody”. Their lyrics are celebrating the safety of Dunwoody (the name of the suburban neighborhood they come from) as compared with N.W.A.’s harsh, confrontational lyrics about the dangers of Compton. That video has been on seen on NBC’s Today Show, Fox,, and They have parodied various shows such as NBC’s Dateline: To Catch A Predator, MTV’s True Life and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. They have also created several original videos, such as the one they posted today, called “Groupies Are Evil”. In the video they “battle” with a “possessed” groupie. In order to subdue her they use some comical methods, such as using a photo of Drake to relax the girl.

One of my favorite songs from them is their 90s R&B style song “Fart In Front of Me”. Their comedy style is very refreshing and creative. I first found out about them in early 2011 with their song “Doo-rag With The Flap Out”. Since then I have enjoyed their countless videos and have also been inspired by this group of six to create my own sketches with my friends


  1. I LOVE Dormtainment. I’ve been subscribed to their YouTube channel for a couple of years now, they are hilarious. Rap So Lazy, Happily Married, and the Leaning Leon videos are my favorites. Tay and his juice cracks me up.

  2. Interesting piece on an interesting group!

  3. These brothers are passed awesome! All of them are amazingly talented! The only show that has me glued to YouTube and each of their futures are bright in the entertainment industry! So excited for their new venture! Bullet!!!!

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