Review: K. Michelle’s 0 Fucks Given

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On July 9, 2012, K. Michelle from “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” dropped her 0 Fucks Given mix tape. The project is hosted by DJ Sense and was presented by The Affiliates. I found this 24-track project to be a work of R&B greatness. Not only does K. Michelle have a lovely singing voice, but also her songwriting ability is top-notch. K. Michelle’s fun, in your face, personality and her honesty about her emotional baggage from past relationships comes across very genuinely.

One such song where she displays her imaginative lyrics is on “Sweetest Love”, where she sings about dreaming that she is having amazing sex, only to awaken and realize that she was simply masturbating. She sings in the chorus, “I just made the sweetest love to myself.” On her song “Medley”, which I have listened to thirty times, she shows off her fun side. During the song she has a breakdown where she asks if American rapper Lupe Fiasco would have sex with her. In the song she sings, “Gotta a set of Monkey bars in my room/ I can swing from them or swing from you”.

Some of my favorite songs on 0 Fucks Given  are “Pillow”, “Medley” and “Sweetest Love”. On “Pillow”she sings about wanting to have a man, and having to sleep alone. During the chorus she sings, “It’s just another day alone/ Just me and my pillow, me and my pillow/ Nobody to tell me good morning, or have a good day”. K. Michelle’s 0 Fucks Given has a bit of everything from remixes of hip-hop songs such as Meek Mill’s “Amen”, but also her own R&B originals such as “Sweetest Love”. I believe K. Michelle is a truly talented artist and 0 Fucks Given proves just that.

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