Nicki Minaj: Rap or Pop?

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Let me start off by declaring that I am a die hard Lil Wayne fan, regardless of whether or not I’m a fan of his latest wardrobe choices, so things must be serious if I feel the need to call out his artists that he sees as the female version of himself.

It’s not that I hate Nicki, I don’t. I used to be a fan and she used to impress me lyrically, I had high hopes for her. But I would prefer if Nicki would just come out and call herself Pop and leave it at that. Then she could just be pitted against other Pop artists and she wouldn’t have to get into arguments with Hot 97 or whoever else decides to be honest and say she hasn’t put out a real rap song in a minute. And no, “Beez In The Trap” does not count.There’s nothing wrong with exploring other genres and I know how angry she gets when she’s called a sellout… but you know, if the shoe fits, maybe you should just wear it.

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To pretend as though there are any similarities between the Nicki that first came out with the one dancing in her latest videos, other than them both claiming to be the best female rapper, would be crazy. The only reason Nicki even gets away with calling herself the best female rapper is because she’s the only female rapper that’s getting any mainstream acknowledgement.

I don’t know if Nicki ever plans to get back to real rap music or knows where she lost her way, but I’m pretty sure she started to steer the car off the road somewhere around “Super Bass” and she crashed headfirst into a tree at “Starships”.

I’m not saying I don’t like Nicki’s new music or even that I don’t listen to it, but it’s definitely no where near the ballpark of rap anymore. I’m not going to join her team of loyal Barbies and defend her. And as for you Barbies that will swear to the death she hasn’t changed and she’s still a rapper, my advice is  to go listen to “Massive Attack” then “Starships”, then we can talk. But just in case you still want to fight it, please look at the photo evidence I’ve provided in this article.

Side note, I know I’m not the only one that’s noticed this, but ever since the “Ass Remix” video with Big Sean, Nicki’s been under the impression she can dance. Stop lying to this poor woman. And her hairdresser be damned for these blonde lace front wigs she keeps sporting.

Check out Nicki’s latest video:



  1. Carina Browder says:

    The way I’ve been making a distinction is everything pre-PF:RR (Blazin’, Roman’s Revenge, Muny, etc.) is rap. The deluxe edition of Pink Friday (Super Bass) was a venture into pop, and PF:RR is just a plain ol’ pop album. Beez in the Trap and HOV Lane were the only songs on that album that sounded like “old Nicki” to me.

    • Agreed! I don’t understand why she gets so angry when people call her Pop. I’m like if you feel disrespected when you’re referred to as a pop artists, why are you putting out pop music?

  2. very well said, I also wondered how Nicki could be considered rap at this point in her career and I to like her work but she has fallen far from rap

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