Stevie J: He Can’t Be Tamed

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Mimi might still be in denial, but I came to the conclusion on Episode 1 that Stevie is not about to change any time soon. Mimi needs to either be with Stevie J and accept his cheating or leave and count her losses. Either way, she’s going to need to get rid of this idea that she’s going to be together with a monogamous Stevie J and they’ll raise their baby happily. The only thing crazier than Mimi believing that is that she believes Joseline is the only  woman Stevie is cheating on her with.

At this point, I’m not even so sure Mimi is Stevie’s main chick. She certainly isn’t getting main chick special treatment. Mimi insists on saying she thinks Stevie’s going to leave Joseline and that she’s not important to him, but I’ve decided to help my girl Mimi see clearly.

*Drum roll please* Since this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began, Stevie has:

  • Moved Mimi and their daughter to a house out of town
  • Allegedly, lived with Joseline for three months
  • Taken Joseline to his business meetings with Karlie Redd, introduced her as his girlfriend, and kissed her in public.
  • Shown up at K. Michelle’s party with Joseline and after he got outed to Mimi for cheating, he followed Joseline out of the club to apologize, and that is surely who he left with.
  • Gotten Joseline pregnant
  • Told Mimi he was strictly business with Joseline once the abortion was done, but was back at Joseline’s apartment that very afternoon.
  • Told Mimi he’s no longer in love with her, but that he wants to be
  • Told Mimi that he loves Joseline too
  • Told Mimi that he wants to be with both of them in his perfect world
  • Refused to end any relationship with Joseline
  • And finally, Stevie decided to drive the nail into his ICantSeparateMyBusinessFromMyPersonalLife Coffin and make Joseline his third partner. And he was so kind as to not mention it to Mimi.

Mimi, what more proof do you need? You keep saying Stevie’s telling you one thing and doing another, but I think you just may be selling yourself dreams. I mean, Stevie sure ain’t selling them. He told you what it is (^^ Refer to my bullet point list). But if you need any more convincing Mimi, here’s a little photo evidence that Joseline takes precedence on Stevie’s priority list:

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Mimi, I know it’s hard, but move on already, Stevie is so far from worth it. Just look at it like this, you have 20% of his business, his child and your own reality show. You’re gonna be alright Mimi.


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