War on Drugs

Image from drugrehabhelp.net

The war on drugs has long been declared in the United States. At first, it seemed like a great idea to declare certain types of drugs illegal. Looking back though, it has cost America countless amounts of money, time, and stress that our country really can’t afford.

Before I continue, let me state that I am 100% against the use of any type of illegal drug. Illegal drugs are what tore my family apart many years ago, as my dad could not over come an addiction to them.

Now, however, the statistics of what the war on drugs is costing our country is extremely alarming. According to drugsense.org, the U.S. has spent over 24 billion dollars on the war on drugs just this year, and the number continues to rise every second! The site also states that over 1 million people have already been arrested, this year, on drug related charges.

In my opinion, people should be able to understand the life threatening consequences that could come with the use of these drugs. If someone really wants to get involved with these types of drugs, then let them. They are the ones choosing to put their life at risk. This could allow the U.S. government to spend those billions of dollars on something much more productive, such as the education system, rather than on drugs.

Our nation is in so much debt there is no reason as to why our Government should be spending 24 billion dollars on drugs over an 8-month period. Although I am completely against the use of illegal drugs I truly believe the American Government should rethink their stance on the war on drugs.

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