10 Colourful reasons to love London Theatre shows

If you have a chance, enjoy theatre the way it was meant to be enjoyed. This doesn’t mean a soirée in fluffy France, or bouncing about in Italy. Theatre is meant to be experienced in a real city. London is your prime target for incredible live theatre. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Shakespeare! The greatest theatrical mind in history was British, so enjoy him in his homeland. Don’t waste your Euros on interpretations. There are schools in London dedicated entirely to teaching young actors how to perform in Shakespeare plays. That is impressive and worth taking in.

2. Many London theatres are party friendly. Theatre in London is a place where likeminded people can gather for a good time enjoying old art. There are many modern theatrical experiments to partake in as well. London theatre means, “Have fun!”

3. London theatre means great food. The traditional way to end an evening in London at the theatre is with a tall dark brew and the most artery-clogging meal you can think of. If you want salad and wine after a play, that is OK as well. London theatre however, brings out the “party animal” in most anyone.

4. London theatre is a top-notch memory. Imagine being able to tell anyone, for the rest of your life, you experienced a magnificent play “in London Town.” Even if it was a seminar on brewing Breakfast Tea, you would gain a mountain of respect.

5. London actors are awesome. Actors in London, no matter how refined, always convey a spirit of communion with common folk. Upscale people can enjoy London theatre because it is marvellously performed. The common man loves London actors because it’s like looking at mirror images performing miracles on stage.

6. London appreciates theatre. London is a city that recognises the value of old world art. It extends resources and venues to acting troupes that make the city look fantastic in foreign eyes and garner a stellar, lasting reputation for high art throughout the world.

7. London theatres have more “Sirs” per capita than any city in the world.

8. Theatres in London are well-preserved and still accurate to look back into history.

9. London theatre is highly enjoyable sober, or three-sheets-to-the-wind.

10. Theatres in London are a place for romance. Minds that think alike, and folks with similar tastes, congregate in places like London theatres. Perfect romances can spontaneously begin.

For tickets to all London Theatre shows, click here


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