Shakeups in Season 6 For Jersey Shore

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Upcoming season of “Jersey Shore” will be one unlike the rest. The biggest party girl, Snooki, is pregnant and “The Situation”, Mike, just got out of rehab. So the big question is, will there still be the hype and party life like other seasons? Pauly D talks to MTV about what he projects for the season. The new season will kick off in October with tons of changes in the house. Pauly D expressed that he liked that people changed and he wants the viewers to see how close the cast became.

Pauly D said, “”I’m actually really excited for this season to air. It’s actually probably one of my favorite seasons to film because it was all of us; we all came together as a family” He then said, “We’re all going through some things right now, like obviously Nicole’s pregnant, my man Mike just got out of rehab, so how we deal with that and how we filmed it is cool, ’cause we all came together as a family. [That’s] something that we didn’t have to do before.”

Pauly D proceeded to talk about how intense the roommate’s relationship become through each episode. He talks about how Snooki used to be a party girl and now she has to play the mom and wife role which none of the roommates would have expected. Even though the roommates or more caring for each other they still do play pranks on each other. Vinny and Pauly D would mess with Snooki’s porch everyday even when she wasn’t there. If you have you have seen the other seasons then you would know Pauly D and Vinny are the biggest jokesters in the house at the expense of the other roommates.

It was announced around a month ago that Snooki is having a baby boy and the roommates, especially Pauly couldn’t be more excited. Pauly said he would help Snooki in anyway help raise the kid. He then made a joke about buying the kid “pint-size” DJ equipment. Personally, I am excited for this season because with rumors of change it means that the show will actually bring some kind of “Live & Learn” experience while building closer bonds.

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