Catch Tom Cruise’s Son in ‘Red Dawn’ Remake

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Connor Cruise, the 17-year-old son of actor Tom Cruise, is following in his famous father’s footsteps.  He landed a role in the remake of 80’s action film, Red Dawn, alongside Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, and Josh Hutcherson. The film is set to be released this fall in late November. Connor’s acting debut was in the film Seven Pounds, where he played a younger version of Will Smith’s character. In Red Dawn, Connor plays Daryl, a member of the armed resistance group known as the Wolverines.

The film is about a group of teenagers who are trying to save their hometown after it is invaded by North Korean soldiers. The remake is only based off the original film and will obviously deviate from the plot of its predecessor. One change that is already evident is that the 1984 version starring Patrick Swayze had the teens facing Russian forces. The upcoming 2012 film may not be for diehard fans of the original, but fans of Chris Hemsworth may enjoy seeing him take action as the leader of the Wolverines, or some viewers may be interested in seeing if Connor Cruise can pull off being an action hero just like his old man.

Red Dawn opens in theaters November 21st. Check out the trailer below:

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