Review: Taylor Swift Promises “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Single art for “WANEGBT”
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On August 13, Taylor Swift released her debut single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” for her upcoming album Red. The pop-country singer is perhaps best known for her love songs, such as “White Horse” and “Love Story”, but this song is definitely not like the ones before. Instead of lamenting over a broken heart or sighing over what could’ve been, this time around, Swift proclaims, “We are never, ever, ever getting back together!”

In other words, Taylor Swift has written a break up anthem.

The song takes us through Swift’s on-and-off relationship with an ex, and how she became fed up with it all. While the song isn’t lyrically brilliant (“You go talk to your friends/talk to my friends/talk to me/but we are never ever ever ever/getting back together”), it both pokes fun at Swift’s love life and her philosophy when it comes to love (“I used to say never say never”), and makes a connection that everyone can connect with; We’re all familiar with on and off relationships, and if we ourselves haven’t experienced it, our friends have. And we all know how exhausting and time consuming they can be.

At first listen, the song reminded me of an old Avril Lavigne single, and I was underwhelmed by it lyrically. After songs like “Eyes Open” and “Safe and Sound”, I expected a little bit more, but then again, it’s unfair to compare a movie single to a promotional single. As this is her fourth studio album, it’s good that she’s taking a different direction as far as singles go. I, myself, have a love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift’s music, and I had this song on repeat for 20 minutes, and was already singing along halfway through. It’s impossible to deny how catchy this song is. Based on this single alone, I’m assuming that this album will probably be less country, and more pop with country influences, and also less about love. But then she wouldn’t be Taylor Swift.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is now available on iTunes. Swift’s upcoming album, Red, releases October 22.

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