Joe Biden’s Major “Slip Up”

On Tuesday morning, August 14th, Vice President Joe Biden visited and spoke in my hometown, Danville Virginia. The morning started out with a crowd of over 1,200 supporters of the Obama campaign, individuals eager to hear what their president was going to do for them over the next 4 years. However, through the course of Biden’s speech things quickly took a turn for the worse. Biden made two very “clever” comments to the Danvillian crowd that he would soon regret, and that would soon be talked about over national headlines. Leaving one question to wonder, what the heck was this man thinking?

One of Biden’s biggest mistakes was telling the town of Danville, which is a predominately black town, that the GOP “is gonna put y’all back in chains.” Not only was this comment completely ridiculous and uncalled for. However, what made it even worse was the soft, southern tone he used when he said it. The crowed quickly took offense to this statement and fired back with disapproval. Biden then of course tried to cover himself by saying what he really meant by that statement what that the GOP would place even more restrictions on the middle class, therefore, “putting chains on them.” Nonetheless, that is not the way the Danville community, and later the rest of the nation, took his statement.

If this statement didn’t put Biden in a big enough hole his ending statement sure did. Towards the end of Joe Biden’s speech he asked Danville, a town in Virginia, for their help in November. He said, “With you, we can win North Carolina again.” This may not have been as big of a slip up as his first remark, however, after messing up as big as he did the first time, you can imagine how “unforgiving” the crowd must have been.

Therefore, it is pretty evident Joe Biden had a very rough first part of the week. It didn’t take long for the news of his “slip ups” to hit national headlines, and news anchors around the nation are getting everyone’s opinions of what they thought Joe Biden was thinking when he made these comments. I mean seriously, what was he thinking?

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