Robert Pattinson More Famous Than Ever

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Though an infamous affair and a million cameras were thrown Robert Pattinson’s way these last few weeks, it seems as though the young star has handled the situation and attention quite well. Recently spotted clubbing and hanging out with pals and looking quite well while doing so, the attractive and very single actor appears to be moving on and leaving disaster far behind him.

After the big reveal of Kristen Stewart’s romantic betrayal with married director Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman), twihards around the world cried and the media had a field day. Stewart and Pattinson, one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, had been torn apart.  The Twilight franchise stars were even rumored to be engaged right before news of the affair broke out. Least to say, the exposé shocked everyone, leaving room for many criticisms and harsh media coverage. Stewart seems to be receiving the brunt of it (and rightfully so) and has taken on a negative image. Pattinson, on the other hand, seems to be shining and gaining even more fame and popularity post break up.

Recently seen hitting the town, promoting his new film Cosmpolis, and eating ice cream with Jon Stewart, Pattinson seems to be doing a good job of keeping busy and staying on good terms with the media. Although there was that recent hiccup with actor DB Sweeney and the sending of a few discourteous tweets on Sweeney’s part, Pattinson has been soaking in the limelight and receiving some positive fame. Not only is he being depicted as the wronged lover rightfully moving on from the pernicious ex-girlfriend, but he is also gaining fans with his new image and is being fiercely defended from all criticism. Sending those negative tweets about Rob was probably the biggest mistake Sweeney ever made, seeing as more than a few fans of Pattinson had some interesting insults ready for the small time actor.

Though the break up obviously had to have taken a toll, Pattinson seems to have made the best out of what seems like a disaster. He’s made a new image for himself, appearing as a strong and newly made man in the media. He’s single and going on to bigger and better things. Though Twilight fans may be disheartened during the premieres of Breaking Dawn-Part 2 later this year and the awkward encounters that will definitely occur, more than a few women are happy and drooling over the newly single man. After all, doesn’t ever guy need a rebound?

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