The iPhone 5

Has the time finally come? As rumors spread about a possible release date for Apple’s long-awaited iPhone 5, it seems as if “techies” are getting closer and closer to the edge of their seat. Although Apple will not answer any questions about these rumors, sources say word has broken out from a Verizon company that the iPhone 5 is set for release this September. As many can remember, the last time Apple was rumored to release their new iPhone 5, customers were slightly let down with a more modified version of the current iPhone 4, called iPhone 4s. However, according to TechCrunch, Apple’s loyal fans must not have been to let down because since these new rumors of the iPhone 5 have surfaced because search engines have seen a huge 128% increase in searches for the iPhone 5. This comes to show just how anticipated this new release is.

The statistics of the anticipation for this small piece of technology is quite alarming, however not so surprising. In a world that now seems to revolve around the use of technology, is always demanding the next best thing. What is it with people’s need to materialize everything? The iPhone 5 has just been rumored to be released soon, it hasn’t even hit stores yet, and it has already attracted record-breaking attention. Just in my opinion, it seems as if people today are more concerned with material things, and always having the latest and greatest “stuff”, than they are with their own well-being.

Nonetheless, reports from Apple show that they are set to hold a press release the week of September 9th, where it is believed the new iPhone 5 will be revealed to Apple employes. Knowing this, it is safe to say that if these rumors are true the Apple company can surely expect a nice boost in sales percentages because it appears that almost everyone is holding their breath for this new phone.


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