Nick Lachey Is Going to Be A Daddy

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The last time you really heard about Nick Lachey was during his marriage to Jessica Simpson. Now, he is a soon to be daddy to his wife, Vanessa Minnillo. In a few weeks, they will be welcoming their first child into the world. Vanessa has recently been on Wipeout as a co-host. On the show, she is very pregnant and very enthusiastic.

Nick, singer in 98 Degrees, said he is ready to be a father. He told MTV, “I’m very excited. She’s great. You know, it’s starting to get a little uncomfortable now. It’s the dead of summer. It’s hot. She’s very pregnant.” Recently, Nick sang for the Mixtape Festival. Nick also said in the interview that it has been a long six months and he is excited to see the little boy.

They announced the arrival of their son during an episode of “Live! With Kelly”. The other band mates have children so he should surely be a great dad with their advice. Nick and Vanessa both are still up in the air about the name. In ironic turn off events, Nick’s ex-wife is having a child around the same time as them. Both couples don’t hate on each other for the past and are excited for both of each other’s babies. With recent controversy of the talk show host calling her fat for being pregnant caused a lot of stir, but many women stood up for pregnant women across the world; such as Vanessa and Jessica.

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