Get ready to “Dance & Drive” with Stephen Jerzak

Image from Facebook

The collaborative extended play was released on September 4.

It’s been over a year since singer-songwriter Stephen Jerzak released any new material, and it looks like he’s making up for lost time. Jerzak is in the process of releasing not one, not two, but three EPs.

Working alongside indie rocker Dane Schmidt of Jamestown Story, the duo released a split EP on August 28. Titled The Nashville Sessions, the five-track album takes Jerzak back to his acoustic roots. “Charades” and “Nothing I Wouldn’t Do” embrace a familiar simplicity, allowing the lyrics to stand on their own.

Under the guise of Romance on a Rocketship, musician Kasey Smith also collaborated with Jerzak. Backed by Smith’s synthpop sound, Dance and Drive consists of upbeat, radio-friendly vocals. Short and sweet, the four-song EP provides the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack.

Both EPs are available on iTunes for digital download. As for the last EP, there are no official details about the musical composition or release date. Presumably titled What Could Be Better, the album should be released within the coming weeks. (x)

You can check out the official music video for “Come Back Home,” Jerzak’s collaboration with Jamestown Story, below.


  1. Excellent news!I wondered what happen to this gifted young man. Very well written!

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