Canadian Man Saves Four Children By Risking His Own Life

Damaged Hummer of Darrell Krushelnicki
[Image from]

Canadian resident, Darrell Krushelnicki, risked his own life in order to save 4 kids on Friday afternoon.

Krushelnicki, 46, saw a car about to speed through an intersection where four kids were walking through the crosswalk. The other driver was distracted and it was Krushelnicki’s quick thinking that saved the kids. He then pulled his Hummer H3 in front of the silver Pontiac Pursuit (a Pontiac G5 here in the U.S.) and crashed into the car, preventing the kids from being hit.

Although the identity of the other driver is unknown, it’s said that the 23-year-old male was talking on his cell phone while driving around 80 kilometers per hour (close to 50 miles per hour) in a 30 kph speed zone (less than 20 mph).

There is no word over whether or not the distracted driver was ticketed, but authorities say that they’re recommending Krushelnicki for an award.

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