NBC Chooses to Air Kris Jenner over the 9/11 Moment of Silence

On Tuesday morning, at 8:46 am, every news station in America, and most around the world, took a few moments out of their airtime to pay their respects, and participate in a moment of silence, which took place at The White House. That is, every station except one. NBC’s, “The Today Show” chose to interview Kris Jenner, instead of airing the national moment of silence in honor of the fallen 9/11 victims.

Fox News reported that The Today Show’s new co-host, Savannah Guthrie, interviewed Kris Jenner about the her reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” as well as her new breast implants.

This very “important” interview lasted, all of, five minutes, and covered a wide range of topics such as, “the importance of changing out your breast implants later in life, working out with a personal trainer, and welcoming hip hop star Kanye West into the family,” according to Fox News.

Now, don’t get me wrong, “The Today Show” did devote the majority of their show to remembering the attacks on September 11, 2001. They shared multiple shots of the emerging Freedom Tower, and even aired a piece with a survivor of the Twin Towers attacks. Therefore, they were sure to not forget the importance of this day. However, they are receiving much, (and well deserved, in my opinion), criticism for their decision to not air the national moment of silence.

In my opinion, “The Today Show” could have planned out their show a little better so they could have had time to fit both segments in. Even though they did pay their respects in their own way, I find it pretty offensive that they made the choice not to air the national moment of silence; even more offensive, that they chose to interview Kris Jenner, and talk about breast implants, over taking a few extra moments to reflect on the attacks our nation experienced 11 years ago.

From the criticism they have received, apparently I am not the only one that feels this way. Nonetheless, “The Today Show” is standing by their decision and feels they have done nothing wrong.

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