Lady Gaga Smokes Joint In Front Of Thousands Of Fans

Lady Gaga, known as the Queen of Pop, showed fan in Amsterdam her rebellious side on Monday (Sept. 17) when she light up a joint on stage and smoked it in front of thousands of Dutch fans.

Gaga first looked through a pack of cigarettes that had been thrown onstage and sniffed through the pack. Realizing they were all tobacco, she threw them back into the crowd.

Another fan tossed a Dutch spiff up to Gaga who said she just wanted to “check if it was real” and lit up on the spot.
The star has been very open about her drug use in the past, admitting that she has experimented with both drugs and alcohol. Marijuana, she claimed, has been a welcome relief from other substance saying that it is an extremely spiritual experience that helps her with her music. She’s even joked about wanting to talk to President Obama about legalizing it.
After taking about three puffs onstage, she threw the joint back into the crowd. “For those of you who are wondering if I’m high right now, I’m not. That is not nearly enough to get me high,” she said laughing.

Despite the crowd and their wild response to the singers onstage smoke fest, many are criticizing Gaga about the message her actions are sending to younger fans.

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