Free App Saves Time, and Money

Apple’s “Find iPhone” app has become much more than just an app to help locate your lost iPhone. The free app is now being used to help track down criminals and is making the policeman’s job a lot easier. News reports prove that it is definitely worth every iPhone users time to download the Find iPhone app.

According to, the Find iPhone app led police to capturing two armed robbers, last week in Atlanta. The Men robbed five women at gunpoint outside of a popular hotel in the city. After filing a report, police learned that one of the things stolen was an iPhone, which happened to have the Find iPhone app installed. It was not long after learning this information that police were able to track down the suspects through the GPS location on the phone.

Apparently, this is not a new occurrence for police. In New York, police were able to track down a 21-year old robber within the hour of the report of the stolen phone being placed. Additionally, in September Los Angeles police used the app to track the man who stabbed a 34-year old lady for her iPhone. Instances like these are popping up all across the nation.

Moreover, now that the IOS 6 software update is available for iPhone users, this app will be seeing some updates. Not only will it feature a new security function, but it will also include an option called lost Mode. This Mode will allow the owner of the phone to send a message and a contact number to the device. After the message is sent that will be the only thing that appears on the phone, so if someone finds the phone that message will be the only thing they can access.

Other changes will be made to the app as well. After reading this article, I am definitely convinced that it is worth my time to download this app.


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