Popular Disney Show Gets a Probable Sequel

[Image from squidoo.com]

A series of tweets from Canadian actors not-so-subtly hint towards a spin-off or sequel to a popular Disney show.

If you watched the Disney Channel in the late 00s, you may remember the TV show Life With Derek, a show depicting a sibling rivalry between step-siblings named Casey McDonald and Derek Venturi. The show, which originated in Canada, ended in 2009, and the actors moved on to different projects – most notably Jordan Todosey (Lizzie McDonald, Casey’s sister), who currently plays a transgender youth named Adam Torres on Degrassi.

However, it seems that Life With Derek may not be over just yet. (Cue Casey’s infamous screech, “Der-EK!”)

[Image from Ashley Leggat’s Twitter]

Earlier today, the cast of Life With Derek reunited and teased their followers on Twitter with photos depicting Ashley Leggat and Michael Seater (Casey and Derek, respectively) re-enacting a promo poster, a photo of the cast together, and of the front page of a script for a project called Life With Derek, Again. 

Actors Daniel Magder (Edwin Venturi) and Ashley Leggat tweeted each other saying that they “should do some serious tweeting” tomorrow around 3pm Toronto time, possibly hinting at more clues being dropped about the upcoming series.

Until then, follow Ashley, Michael, Daniel and Jordan on Twitter to stay updated on all things Derek.


  1. OMG!!!!!! I’m sooo excited I really really hope life with Derek comes back!! It was by far my favorite disney channel show and still is!!!

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