Man Mauled By Tiger After Jumping Into Tiger Den At Bronx Zoo

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A man who jumped into a tiger cage Friday at the Bronx Zoo is in critical condition after losing a foot.

The man, said to be in his 20’s, jumped into the den at about 3:30 PM. He was quickly taken out of the den and taken to Jacobi Hospital nearby. Reports of the man, identified as David Villalobos, describe him as emotionally disturbed.

The man had been riding the monorail, and jumped out of his seat into the tiger den when it passed over the tiger den, sources said.

As horrified zoo patrons looked on, the man landed inside the den where he was mauled by one of the tigers and critically injured. Staff quickly ran to the rescue, using a fire extinguisher to chase the animal away. When the tiger, named Bashuta finally left, they quickly order Villalobos to roll under the electrical fence.

The man’s right and left feet were clawed, and he was bitten on the back where a fang punctured his lung.

A witness tweeted, “Someone jumped the gate at the Bronx zoo n got mauled by a tiger now in jacobi ER #lmfao

Villalobos was apparently trying to commit suicide by jumping into the cage. Reports are saying the 25-year-old is suffering from puncture wounds to his back, a broken ankle, a broken arm, and that doctors “are trying to save his leg.”

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