“Need For Speed” Races Onto the Big Screen

If you’re living life in the fast lane, or at least wish you were, you’ll be excited to know that DreamWorks has announced they will be making a “Need for Speed” movie modeled after the popular video-game series. Producer and director Steven Spielberg purchased the rights to the franchise from Electronic Arts (EA), while screenwriters John and George Gatins have been tapped to pen the storyline and the movie is currently slated for a 2014 release.

Steven Spielberg feels the game, with its intense automotive action, is a natural subject to be made into a feature film. While other attempts to make a movie from a popular video game, i.e. “Street Fighter” and “Silent Hill,” have had lukewarm receptions, Spielberg is definitely one director that could pull it off and add his expertise to the video game/film crossover.

Adding the Spielberg Touch to a Familiar Genre

Look for an on-and-off-road adventure with a style reminiscent of 1970s car-culture flicks. Cookie-cutter vehicles may be rolling off assembly lines in today’s automotive world, but in the ‘70s, cars were massive, rumbling steel and chrome powerhouses that couldn’t sit still. Not matter what era of cars you are into, this movie is sure to have favorable features for any car enthusiast. For instance, if thumbing through the magazine rack looking for Toyota and Acura parts is your idea of a good time, this movie is guaranteed to give you a rush!

Spielberg plans to begin shooting next year. While not based on a particular “Need for Speed” title, the flick will combine elements of the game with fast-paced racing sequences for an explosive experience. This will be a big project for Dreamworks; With their talent for creating digital special effects, we should see some amazing visuals.

A Natural Fit

Dreamworks was drawn to the idea because there are movie plotlines inherently contained in the “Need for Speed” game series. For instance, the latest title, “Need for Speed: The Run,” depicts the main character racing from San Francisco to New York in order to get away from the mafia. That story alone was destined for Hollywood. While the movie will have a retro feeling, it will be updated with modern vehicles and supercharged roadsters. In fact, if you have a favorite car that you’d love to see in the flick, head over to the “Need for Speed” Facebook page and tell them about it.

Minivan Drivers Beware

“Need for Speed” is one of the bestselling video games ever in the auto-racing genre. The franchise has sold more than 140 million games throughout the world, which equals about $4 billion, not counting merchandising sales. If your car is just a way to get to work or to cart the kids to soccer practice, then you might want to keep cruising along . But if you see your ride as an extension of you; if you wish at every stoplight you had 450 horsepower under the hood to rev up; or if driving your slick, turbocharged sports car is an exercise in intensity, then be sure to look for this movie when it rolls out in 2014.

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