Alcohol Enema Causes Near Death Situation

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Towards the end of last week, police were called to Pi Kappa Alpha’s fraternity house on Knoxville’s campus. Arriving at the house, police found twenty-year-old Alexander P. Broughton lying unconscious in his own feces. Police say earlier that night Broughton participated in a drinking “game” known to students as “butt chugging.” “Butt chugging” consist of filling a rubber tube with alcohol and injecting it into your rectum. By doing this, the absorption rate of the alcohol is rapidly increased, making it extremely dangerous.

Broughton, says he has no recollection of receiving an alcohol enema, but did admit to participating in drinking games with his fellow brothers. When police arrived to the house Broughton’s blood alcohol level was recorded to be 0.448 percent, almost six times above the legal limit. The officers say he didn’t even remember losing control of his own bowels. They also found 3 other students passed out from alcohol, and a dozen others were cited for underage drinking.

The University of Tennessee was quick to suspend the Fraternity on Friday September 28, 2012. The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity will be suspended from campus until 2015, and the National chapter was notified about the situation.

According to, “alcohol enemas have been the punch lines of YouTube videos, a stunt in a ‘Jackass’ movie and a song by the punk band NOFX called ‘Party Enema.’ But Corey Slovis, chairman of department of emergency medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said actually going through with the deed can have severe consequences.” While this incident nearly killed Broughton, his father says he has recovered and returned to his classes.

Other instances of this “butt chugging” are popping up around the nation, which is giving parents, police officers, administrators, and health care officials a new fear. This incredibly gross way of “drinking” is apparently appealing to students because of the quick effects it has on the body. However, health care officials advise campus administrators, officers, and parents that it can be life threating and even fatal to those who partake.

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