53 Year Old New Hampshire Woman Arrested 4 Times In 26 Hours


New Hampshire authorities say a woman was arrested 4 times in 26 hours for blasting the AC/DC sound “Highway to Hell” and other loud music and for throwing a frying pan.
They first gave Joyce Coffey, 53, a warning on Tuesday afternoon at her home in Epping, New Hampshire for having her music up too loud. They were called back an hour later, found the music still blasting, and arrested her.


Police say that Coffey was arrested again five hours later, around 9:20 p.m., after being released on a $500 personal recognizance bail.


She was the released on $1,000 bail the second time, but arrested again before dawn Wednesday over more loud music. This time she was bailed at $10,000 and released.


The police were again called back to her home for a domestic disturbance report. In this final event, Coffey’s nephew reports that he had gone to the house to get some of his belongings and she allegedly threw a fry pan at him, hitting him in the head.


She was then arrested a fourth time, and on Thursday a judge ordered she undergo a mental health evaluation. The judge stated that if she completes the evaluation she will “be released to home confinement with electronic monitoring.”

The judge also recommended she use headphone from now on, WMUR-TV reports. Coffey is due back in court on October 15.






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